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  • How to find non ASCII / unprintable characters using Notepad Plus Plus

    Use the Regex Feature of Find / Replace dialog box to find and remove non printable / non ASCII characters in your file using Notepad++. Use the following string in Find what box: Set the Search mode to Regular Expression, and leave Replace With as blank if you want to remove all the characters.

  • How to access blocked sites

    Lemme start this post with a note to system / network administrators who blocks internet access only because they can and they themselves surf the sites unblocked : Information is free and you cannot block it .. People will find out ways to bypass in time .. Now another note to people who wants to access blocked […]

  • Windows Live Mail reveiwed

    Lately I’ve been beta testing Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta (what’s with Microsoft and long names ..? And DOS didn’t use to support long filenames .. 😛 ) .. It is an email client which is supposed to replace Outlook Express and shouldnt be confused with Windows Live Mail which is now Windows Live Hotmail […]

  • How never to get lost in Mumbai anymore..

          Since I’ve got Lost fever again, I wanted to write something about it but seems I m gonna write something else .. 😛 .. Anyway, here I am going to talk about people who get lost time and again in Mumbai because they are new to the city and / or never remember the […]

  • Make the best use of Yahoo!

    Are you using Yahoo just for chatting and emailing ..? You are sure missing many nice features provided by Yahoo!. .. This article is an assorted list of tricks I learnt using Yahoo for so many years .. .. Some of them might be known to you, but I’ve found many people who dont know […]

  • [HowTo] Restore your lost broadband password ..

    This tutorial has its origin on a thread at Digit forum where a member asked if we can restore lost password from router. I decided to put my CCNA skills to use. And indeed after some adventures with ATMOS commands, I figured it out. So here it goes. The problem this guy had was this: […]