How to access blocked sites

Lemme start this post with a note to system / network administrators who blocks internet access only because they can and they themselves surf the sites unblocked : Information is free and you cannot block it .. People will find out ways to bypass in time .. Now another note to people who wants to access blocked sites : If your school has blocked Orkut, then they have done it for your own good .. Orkut is addictive and you should find better ways to utilize your energy .. And if you want to access blocked sites from office .. Try completing whatever your boss asked you to before reading on ..

And now that the sermon is over, lemme write some tricks to bypass evil administrator’s evil policies to access what they think is bad for you .. 😀 :

1: The domain that you want to access is blocked ..? No problem .. most administrators block the domains by their domain names and they forget there is something called IP Address … 😀 .. Find out the IP address of the site that you want to visit and put it in the address bar and viola .. You can access it .. How to find out IP address of a website ..?? Just Whois it .. 😀 . .. You can use services like DomainTools or NetworkSolutions , Robtex… This works for websites which are on a dedicated server .. So sites like ICICIDirect can be accessed like this ..

2: First trick not working for you ..?? Try WorkFriendly .. It will let you surf the website you want in a Microsoft Word like interface to save you from your boss’s peering eyes .. Or try these language tools :

One more site that I may recommend is Google Mobile Search .. This one is useful when you are dying to find out the score and all cricket sites are blocked ..

3: Second tip is useful for static pages but if you want to dynamic websites like Orkut, you need to use a proxy site… : These are proxy sites that I’ve used and liked :

  • KProxy : This is the most famous and most used proxy website .. :D.. Goto KProxy and type in the address that you want to surf and click on Surf .. 😀 ..
     It wont be long before KProxy will be blocked .. So afterwards try their secure connection.. Most cocky administrators do not block secure sites as they do not know how to block them.. 😀 ..

  • Y11: Y11 is another secure proxy which isnt blocked by many filters .. Use it while it lasts .. 😀

  • Fumo2 : Fumo2 is a nice and fast proxy .. And as its url doesnt contain word “proxy” it has less chance of getting blocked .. Fumo2 has some more aliases like BakaAdmin and which you can find on their home page itself ..

  • IceKeeper : IceKeeper is another great proxy that used to help me surfing Blogspot when it was blocked in my office .. Very fast too ..

  • LuckyCRM : Found this one searching for proxies online .. Turned out to be a nice one ….

  • Melap : Recommended by one of my friend .. Nice and fast too ..

  • CountryCodes : Another proxy that has a deceptive name so less prone to be blocked ..

There are many more .. Believe me, I’ll tell you how to find a new proxy .. 😀 .. First check the next tip :

4: Most of these proxy sites have aliases so you can use the alias in case the main domain is blocked.Here are the aliases to KProxy .. So if KProxy is blocked, try any of their aliases such as … To find alias of proxy sites, goto Robtex , type in the web site that you want to search alias for, click on Go .. In the results page, the address that are listed as ‘a’ are aliases to this domain .. So use these aliases ..

5: Actually this is combination of first and third trick .. Find out the IP address of the proxy website and then use it for surfing .. Simple .. 😛

Now the last one .. How did I get all these proxy websites ..?? 😀 .. I used a simple query on Google which does not include any keywords that will make your system administrator think that you are searching for proxy sites .. 😀 .. But you will get a list of proxy sites that are using PHProxy which is the most common proxy software used on web servers .. and do not worry .. this list is huge .. and will keep on increasing .. 😀 ..

.. .. . . ..

Now that I’ve found a way to vent my anger on evil system administrators I feel relaxed .. I dont see logic behind blocking Hotmail or Gmail or Yahoo which are default email address for most people .. To my readers, I’ll like to request .. : If you are benefited by this write up and / or you know some more proxies or tricks that you use, please leave your comment so that others can benefit .. And book mark this page so that you can find out more updated content .. .. And if you are one of those evil administrators whose job I just made a bit more difficult, how about sharing some tips on how you are going to stop users from accessing blocked sites ..? This will improve both of us .. …

Over and all .. !

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  1. there a people who blockt the sites with robots txt, en it is blokt for proxie . so i wanne surf to that site, can i????????en how.
    i wanne surf there anoniem, .

  2. i tried all posible proxy sites listed here but all are blocked in my office ….. so how can i access them now ……. is there any other way than this which could help me …… ???

    plz get back with ur valuable suggestions at [email protected]

  3. Okay .. Lemme try compiling a list and posting it to a new page .. I’ll keep it updated. Gimme a day or two to test new proxies ..

  4. can ani1 help i wanna get on bebo in skool i av tried all the 1s above dey dnt work !!! help me lol

  5. Thank you soo much, but i have a problem if any body can help, i can access the web sites but the videos there will keep on loading status:( here they are using barracuda. and i’m trying to surf youtube
    the thing is that i just like to brake the managment rules i dont have time to watch the videos.

  6. My school just got barracuda and it blocks everything you have listed. Can you help please??

  7. Please let me know how to use “”…i desperately want to open certain websites that i am unable to in my office..websites include facebook, gmail etc

  8. tip lisant in my osffice my IT Engineer block the web site but i want access it how can access website one point this site blcok in ROUTER throwe URL means ( this URL

  9. none of these sites work anymore i tryed everything on here the y11 use to work but now it just does not load you know what i meen hit me up with a new site that works i know you can try but that dont work at this school

  10. uhh yea please give me a web site that works because to tell you the truth nothing is working on this shit anymore and its starting to piss me off this fucking school is fucking peice of shit help me out please and type amessage back

  11. Hello friend in my college orkut is banned and in yahoo i cant go to chat rooms
    they use cybernetra internet management
    if u have some sol. then send m at my email add
    [email protected]

  12. very informative. btw i receieved a friendster message from someone, thus i wanted to know just the location of the sender, how can i locate the IP address? is it possible? i just want to check if the sender is also within our office… thanks in advance

  13. hey,Excellent blog dude! i’m Tired of using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Have you considered putting video to this blog posts to keep the visitors more entertained?I think it works.Best wishes, Dwana Shierling

  14. My employer is blocking access to sites like care2 (which is a site used to advocate for social change)
    while the rest of my coworkers are free to watch stupid, pointless videos on youtube all day long including the person doing the blocking.
    I only ever spend at most 10 minutes a day in between my work researching the latest news.
    This ability to block site access by the will of employers needs some sort of rules and regulations.
    Why is it okay for an employer to block access to a site merely based on his or her own political bias while allowing employees not only to waste time on other sites, but to have full access to right wing sites like fox news?
    This is already being used by dictators around the world in order to try and stop their own uprisings against their violent regimes.
    We need some sort of international civil right that protects equal access to information on the web.
    This is a lot more serious than what most people have to complain about.
    This is really going to hinder a lot of progress we’ve been working towards for decades.
    Suddenly, this online movement that has been finally able to help push through an arab spring
    is going to become useless if we let this ability to block site access become mainstream.
    Thanks for the information.
    This is a very serious issue for those who are effected by it the most.

  15. There are also some serious privacy issues I have with our employers monitoring what we are doing online.
    Sure, when your job involves protecting sensitive information it is understandable,
    but suddenly
    it’s like we don’t even have privacy acts anymore at all.
    I think we all need to take a stand against this sort of thing.
    It’s definitely possible to set a precedent that would deem this whole business unconstitutional if argued on the right grounds.

  16. dude, you are freaking awesome, now I can do something useful while waiting at the university, I tried NiraProxy, its not the prettier but its cool. Thanks again

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