How never to get lost in Mumbai anymore..

      Since I’ve got Lost fever again, I wanted to write something about it but seems I m gonna write something else .. 😛 .. Anyway, here I am going to talk about people who get lost time and again in Mumbai because they are new to the city and / or never remember the stations or bus numbers and / or too lazy to find out .. All the above mentioned qualities are present in me .. 😀

     So necessity is the mother in law of plagiarism ( Heheh … that was a good one ) .. I wanted to goto Lamington road to get some computer parts .. But Lamington road is so far from here as Andaman n Nicobar are far from New Delhi .. Some desperate calls to my longtime friend Ashish yeilded some results but that included changing trains or taking train to CST and then coming back by bus .. So much for a lazy brat like me ..

   While this was happening I remembered about a link that was stored in my bookmarks since ages .. Some good guys at IIT Bombay had created a database of train and bus information on Mumbai .. Though it was outdated, I decided to give it a chance .. So I opened the page and while I was reading about the authors, I found that they’ve updated the software and added a map to it also ..

    So with Mumbai Navigator , you can need to put Origin and Destination, and it will tell you how to get there showing possible routes which included train and buses. The database has extensive data on locations across Mumbai. And in the new Navigator2, a map will be visible alongside the area you chose. The interface is very simple and easy to use.. So I put Nerul as origin and Grant road as destination and it gave me two routes to go through … Total time of journey : 1 hour 45 minutes .. sucks

     Mumbai Navigator is very useful if you know that Lamington road is actually near Grant road .. but if you dont know where the you have to go .. then another site, may help you here .. It is Mumbai’s Worst Transport service .. (or is it BEST transport service .. whatever) .. Here you can search for area (here the location list is very detailed so you can find out easily) .. Or if you know the bus number, you can find out where it goes .. or whether it will go where you wanna go ..

    So using a combination of both these services, you can find out how to reach somewhere in Mumbai easily .. Both of these have helped me on several occasions and I hope they’ll be useful to you also .. Ciaoo ..

Mumbai Navigator 2

Best Undertaking

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