New way to earn from home : Sell your crap ..!

And I am not very excited about it… Imagine opening up the newspaper when you get up at 11 in the morning (yes MORNING) and reading such a headline.. It turns out chairman of some committee, Mr. R Waikar has put up a proposal that says BMC will start buying all your crap from you. BMC will pay Twenty Five paise per kilo of the kachra collected from you .. “All this to try and stop you from dumping the waste carelessly and thus dirtying the city” .. All through my breakfast I was thinking about what will be the consequences if people started trading their crap .. Here are some of my pennyless thoughts .. :

1: Yelp! Someone stole my crap ! : Imagine people going to Police Station for complaining that someone has stolen their litter box .. “It was about seven kilo in weight and smelled pretty bad .. It was in a black plastic bag ” .. “Btw .. What are you hiding ??? That looks like my piece of crap !!” .. To which the policewallah will sheepishly tell the man that this was his own crap collected from a rave party at his home last night …

2: Everything is crap … ! : People will start selling everything they have no use to BMC .. People will start bringing work to their homes and sell them to BMC babus in the morning .. I can almost imagine little Chunnu proudly telling his mother “Ma .. I earned twelve rupees today by selling my school bag ! “…

3: My crap is better than yours ! : People will start competing in the quality of their crap .. Those selling big packets of kachra will have more recognition (they are keeping the city cleaner) .. Saas bahus will gossip about how much crap their next door neighbor is collecting these days ..

4: A new breed of entrepreneurs : Soon a new surname will join the Cablewallah, Tyrewallahs .. : Kachrawallah .. People will start importing and exporting kachra from Bombay .. Boy ! Thats a nice new opening ..!

5: A new source of income : You’ll have to declare how much you earn from selling your kachra .. It will be added under the head Income from other sources in your Saral form ..Govt will start taxing those who sells too much kachra .. !

… … …….

I have some more world destructive ideas in my head but I dont want to voice them .. See I am in a very crappy mood right now .. Where the crap is my litter box .. I need to weigh it ..


New Delhi to Host Formula One Race in 2009

This just in  .. !

India will host its first Formula One race, in 2009, the Indian Olympic Association said Thursday. A deal has been signed with the sport’s commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone to hold the race in the capital New Delhi, IOA president Suresh Kalmadi said.

“We have received a letter in this regard from Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One,” Kalmadi told reporters. “The IOA will be the promoter, the first event of which will be held in 2009.”

Ecclestone has said in the past year that India was one of the future markets for motor sport after India’s Narain Karthikeyan drove for Jordan in the 2005 season. “India is a country that is probably going to grow quicker than China,” Ecclestone said in London in November.

The IOA will build a F1 track and a brand new stadium in New Delhi in time to hold the race, Kalmadi said. New Delhi is also due to host the Commonwealth Games in 2010.


Great news ..!! I hope they build a track like Monaco .. Street racing will be sooo cool.. And I hope we have a good driver to represent India in the race by then .. There arent many promising candidates though ..

… .. I am so excited .. 😀

Tulsi dies in a car crash ..!!

Do not get all worked up .. Smriti Irani isnt dead .. nor is Kekta Kapoor .. So all saas bahu haters still have a bone of contention .. 😛 .. The news here is Tulsi ( Kyunki Saas bhi 40 years tak bahu thi fame ) is gonna die in a car crash .. And yes .. no points for guessing that she’s gonna come back again .. 😛 .. Here is the official word from horse ( mane’s ) mouth .. :

After some time, a new character will enter the show as Tulsi. Disbelief and confusion will reign, later everyone will know that Tulsi had undergone a plastic surgery after the accident. Supposedly Gautami Kapoor has been finalized as the new Tulsi.

Star Plus have also organized an opinion poll on who is gonna replace Smriti Irani in KSBKT .. The choices are Padmini Kolhapuri (porn star of yesteryears .. then featured in some great movies like “Woh Saat Din” ) .. or someone called Gautami Kapoor ( duh .. I dont watch much TV so I dunno if she’s a tv actress or something ..) .. Whack …

Yesterday I got a nightmare that Smriti Irani after leaving Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi is gonna make a show called “Kyunki bahu bhi kabhi saas hogi” and will air it on Sony clashing the time with KSBKBT … Man what this information and broadcast ministry people are doing ..? Banning FTV and AXN which are nice eye candy channels but not banning this BS programs which are mental torture ..

Yaawn .. Why did I even write this post ..? I hate soap operas .. :-w

Spiderman is black .. !

Nice title eh ..?

Soooo… Have I started writing movie reviews too ..?? Naah … Just wanted to write this one .. (am in some mood today .. ) ..

I’ve never been a big fan of Spiderman .. But this movie interested me because of its tagline “The greatest battle lies … within”  ..  The plot seemed so Spiderman will battle with his alter ego this time .. And then there was Venom .. I am sure people read / watch superheroes because of their villains .. Venom is the best (or worst) villain that Spiderman has got .. so all this made Spiderman 3 a must watch for me and I decided to inaugrate the new Adlabs opened in Palm Beach Galleria here ..

Now to the movie .. The movie opens nicely and has some very good special effects .. The story starts swiftly but starts to drag when our Peter Parker does a la Anakin Skywalker and turns to the dark side.. Some forty five minutes of the movie are very boring and pointless but there are some funny moments too .. I loved the scene where J J Jameson is reminded about his blood pressure .. 😀 .. And then there is this french restaurant scene .. that was great .. Actions scenes are the strongest point of this movie .. So you should watch this movie for some great action scenes and some funny moments …

Umm.. rating ..? Around 3 out of 5 ..

How never to get lost in Mumbai anymore..

      Since I’ve got Lost fever again, I wanted to write something about it but seems I m gonna write something else .. 😛 .. Anyway, here I am going to talk about people who get lost time and again in Mumbai because they are new to the city and / or never remember the stations or bus numbers and / or too lazy to find out .. All the above mentioned qualities are present in me .. 😀

     So necessity is the mother in law of plagiarism ( Heheh … that was a good one ) .. I wanted to goto Lamington road to get some computer parts .. But Lamington road is so far from here as Andaman n Nicobar are far from New Delhi .. Some desperate calls to my longtime friend Ashish yeilded some results but that included changing trains or taking train to CST and then coming back by bus .. So much for a lazy brat like me .. Continue reading How never to get lost in Mumbai anymore..

And so it begins ..

         If you hate working late on weekends as I do, and you love speed as I do then we might share the passion for F1 too.. And with the Australian Grand Prix on sunday, the F1 2007 season kicked off and I am watching too much tv and sleeping very less (damn the world cup).

          There are quite a few things that make this season interesting. The most prominent being absence of Michael Schumacher who announced his retirement last season. While Schumacher fans will say this the thing that will make F1 uninteresting, I’ll say it will bring some competition to the game ( it was sooo dominated by Schumacher earlier 😛 ). So who’s gonna take Schumacher’s crown now ..?

        The other thing the commentators were jabbering about all the time was that this will be the final season with the existing Concorde Agreement. The GPMA may consider to opt out of F1 and start a rival series or something if differences between them and Bernie are not sorted out.  

       Fernando Alonso left Renault to join McLaren and Kimi Raikkonen switched to Ferrari from McLaren. And one of the most hyped persons (seems rightly so ) , Lewis Hamilton joined McLaren and by his performance in Australian Grand Prix it looks like he’s got some very good prospects. One Heikki Kovalain replaced Fernando Alonso in Renault.

      So equations have changed and we’ll see if Ferrari can regain their space again this time with a new car F2007 and Kimi Raikkonen on the helm. Another car I’ll like to quote is Honda’s RA107  aka Earth Car which will run without any advertisements on it ( people say thats because they didnt get any advertisors 😀 ). You can have your name printed on it if you donate some money ( 1 UK Pound or more ) to myearth dream trust.

     So… Lets see how F1 comes up without Schumacher and switched drivers. See you in Malasian Grand Prix .. Look out for Hamilton and Sato .. !