A User’s Guide to Instant Messengers – I

It looks like a long time I posted last .. I was in a hectic schedule and thats it .. Anyway, I have decided to write about Instant Messengers this time, After my reviews of Yahoo Messenger and Msn Messenger, I got some very good responses .. So I start about Instant messengers, comparing the features of Yahoo Messenger and Msn Messenger , what I like and dislike in them .. I will conclude in the second part in which I’ll write what I want to have in the Instant Messenger of my choice .. So here we go ..

A preliminary


The instant messeging has been around for quite a long time now. What started with Unix’s chat program and slowly matured into IRC and then ICQ, was soon to become big business. I wont talk about the Irc’s history or how it matured but come straight to point .. The instant messenger users can be
classified into two types.. First, who are new to instant messeging, or email or the Internet itself and the second one who have been here for a long time . ..
The first type of people- who have just found out chatrooms, take pleasure in chatting in open chatrooms … Where they meet new people, befriend them, flirt with them, flame them and et all .. They are in process of increasing their contacts over the net .. Now the second type , since they’ve been around for some time now, they have many contacts on their lists .. Most of the time when they come online, they talk to their contacts and create closed chatrooms where the participants are invited and not everyone can join .. They may occasionally goto the open chatrooms for time pass but more often this is the case ..
My journey with Internet started long time ago .. Those days they had Yahoo’s Java chat and a program called Cheetah Chat for people not using Java chat .. As I enjoy chatting, my contact list soon grew big enough .. And now these days, for most of the time I am online, I am conversating with my existing friends and I seldom get time to goto chatrooms and flirt and all that .. So you see these closed chatrooms or just “Conferences” from here on (in YIM’s syntax) are as important as Open Chatrooms (Chatrooms from here on) …

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Fighting spam with Gmail – Now easy ..!!

       Gone are the days when you needed ten different email accounts for different purpose which include five for receiving spam mails .. I use Mailinator for receiving mails from dubious sources… As their tagline “Be anyone !” says it all .. You dont need to signup there .. Just give your mailinator address to any site that require “email activation” and check that account at Mailinator .. Easy as pie .. Anyways .. I know most of those reading this know all this already .. So I should begin why I wrote this one ..       

       What lacking from Mailinator was the ability to send messeges through it .. Suppose you want to communicate with someone and dont wanna share your email with him .. Traditionally what you will do is create another id at some email service and communicate through that address .. This goes back to age old checking ten accounts situation .. Well .. No more the same .. With GMail introducing customized From: address, the hole is now fixed .. Continue reading Fighting spam with Gmail – Now easy ..!!