Fighting spam with Gmail – Now easy ..!!

       Gone are the days when you needed ten different email accounts for different purpose which include five for receiving spam mails .. I use Mailinator for receiving mails from dubious sources… As their tagline “Be anyone !” says it all .. You dont need to signup there .. Just give your mailinator address to any site that require “email activation” and check that account at Mailinator .. Easy as pie .. Anyways .. I know most of those reading this know all this already .. So I should begin why I wrote this one ..       

       What lacking from Mailinator was the ability to send messeges through it .. Suppose you want to communicate with someone and dont wanna share your email with him .. Traditionally what you will do is create another id at some email service and communicate through that address .. This goes back to age old checking ten accounts situation .. Well .. No more the same .. With GMail introducing customized From: address, the hole is now fixed .. Continue reading “Fighting spam with Gmail – Now easy ..!!”

New Al Qaeda threat — LA and Melbourne

A tape delivered to ABC News in Pakistan this weekend features a masked man making terrorist threats against Los Angeles and Australia.
ABC News reported that the man is believed to be Adam Yahiye Gadahn, an American from California purported to be an al-Qaida member and wanted by the FBI. The CIA said Sunday it was aware of the report but had no immediate comment about the tape’s authenticity.
Counterterror officials believe Gadahn also may be the person on a 75-minute video given to ABC News last year in Pakistan.

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What does Sania signify for India…

   I was wondering this while watching Sania Mirza play last night .. I was at a friend’s place for a party .. .. While dinner was on, everyone was watching Sania contesting for fourth stage .. I was impressed as I saw most of the ladies were watching her play .. They knew nothing about tennis but they wanted her to win .. Forgetting their favorite soap shows, they were watching this young girl playing and supporting her .. I could almost hear the unspoken words .. “Dont think we are laid back .. Given the chance, we can excel and make you proud ..”

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How Katrina is creating a hole in your pocket ..

  Well.. I am not talking about Katrina Kaif if you were thinking so .. I am talking about Katrina the Hurricane .. So if you are Salman Khan thinking about calling me and bashing me, you should get a life …

  The vital stats of this Katrina are 145 Km / Hr wind speed and dunno-how-much-destruction … So much pain it has caused to oil producing areas that 10 percent of US’ refining capacity has been shut down .. and another 10 percent affected ..

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