Fighting spam with Gmail – Now easy ..!!

       Gone are the days when you needed ten different email accounts for different purpose which include five for receiving spam mails .. I use Mailinator for receiving mails from dubious sources… As their tagline “Be anyone !” says it all .. You dont need to signup there .. Just give your mailinator address to any site that require “email activation” and check that account at Mailinator .. Easy as pie .. Anyways .. I know most of those reading this know all this already .. So I should begin why I wrote this one ..       

       What lacking from Mailinator was the ability to send messeges through it .. Suppose you want to communicate with someone and dont wanna share your email with him .. Traditionally what you will do is create another id at some email service and communicate through that address .. This goes back to age old checking ten accounts situation .. Well .. No more the same .. With GMail introducing customized From: address, the hole is now fixed .. Continue reading “Fighting spam with Gmail – Now easy ..!!”