[HowTo] Make Spymac mail work again.

      Beginning February, Spymac decided to withdraw support for Pop3 for free users. It came as a blow for unsuspecting users like me as I was using Spymac as my default email for more than two years. And they were giving a good service indeed. I checked all their support forums and found that so many users have decided to quit Spymac against this move.

      Anyways .. To come to the point, there is still a way to make Pop3 working with Spymac again. This is an old trick, but very handy. Fortunately, Spymac have provided Mail Forward feature to all free users. So, you can forward all your Spymac mails to an account which does have Pop3 feature. The best service for this purpose, I believe, is Gmail all because with Gmail you can send emails as different “From: ” addresses. So the idea is to enable Pop3 on your Gmail account, Forward all your Spymac emails to your Gmail account. And with Gmail, you can send emails with your Spymac Address as “From :” field. So, to make it all work, do this :

      First login to your Gmail account (If you don’t have a Gmail account, you may post a request here).
      –>Now click on Settings.
      –>Click on Accounts.
      –>Click on Add another email address.
      –>In the Name field, put Spymac, and in Email Address field, type your Spymac mail address.
      –>Click on Next Step.
      –> In the next screen, click on Send Verification.

      Now login to your Spymac webmail. You should’ve got a confirmation email from Gmail. Complete the verification by clicking on the link provided in the mail. Now you can send messages from Gmail as your Spymac address. Now to enable Pop forwarding in Spymac:
      –>Click on Preferences > Account Preferences in Spymac’s webmail interface.
      –>Click on Mail Settings tab.
      –>Type in your Gmail address in the Forward To Address field.
      –> Click on Save Settings.

       With this, all your mails to your Spymac account will be forwarded to your Gmail address to which you can have Pop3 access. To configure Pop3 access to your Gmail account, check this. And to send emails from your Spymac account, you will need to use Gmail’s web interface (I tried all settings to make it work with email clients but it doesn’t work ). To send from a Spymac address, just click on Compose and select your Spymac address in From: address field. You should also tweak some settings in Gmail for better usage:
      –> Click on Settings.
      –> Click on Accounts.
      –> Under the When I receive a message sent to one of my addresses: field, select the option that says Reply from the same address the message was sent to.

       All this pain is necessary if you were using Spymac as your default email address and / or have more than one Spymac addresses (Just like I have ) .. So forward your emails from all your accounts to a Gmail address and use the Pop3 feature of Gmail to check your mails. However to send emails, you’d still need to login to web interface of Gmail (or you can login directly to Spymac too, but as I am writing this, webmail of Spymac is down and is doing this like for a week now). I hope Gmail will release some feature for users so that they can send mails from their email clients using different From addresses.