Miss India needs your help .. !

Sindhura Gadde

With this year’s Miss World contest just 4 days ahead, Miss India World Sindhura Gadde seeks people’s support and wishes for her .. The organizers of Miss World Pageant have introduced a voting system for the people to vote two contestants from their continent via SMS or Voting hotline ..

“My appeal to my compatriots is to support me by voting for me through the Internet and SMS as viewers will play an important role in choosing the regional winners, who then have a chance to reach the finals,” she said.

“Please remember my Voting Number: MW105,” Sindhura said as the organisers say the spectacular live show would be watched by over two billion people worldwide.

The pageant organisers said that under an “innovative” new voting system this year, each contestant will be allocated a number for worldwide short messaging service (SMS) voting or via the Voting Hotline in their particular country.

These numbers will be prominently displayed on television graphics and in the media. Viewers may vote for two contestants from their continent to reach the Miss World Final, although there is no limit on the number of votes they may cast.

At the close of voting, points will be awarded according to a voting-points structure. An effective formula will ensure that votes from all countries equate, regardless of the size of population, voting medium or overall number of votes, the organisers claimed.

So people, Go vote and support her here .. I wish she follows the path of Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra …

New Al Qaeda threat — LA and Melbourne

A tape delivered to ABC News in Pakistan this weekend features a masked man making terrorist threats against Los Angeles and Australia.
ABC News reported that the man is believed to be Adam Yahiye Gadahn, an American from California purported to be an al-Qaida member and wanted by the FBI. The CIA said Sunday it was aware of the report but had no immediate comment about the tape’s authenticity.
Counterterror officials believe Gadahn also may be the person on a 75-minute video given to ABC News last year in Pakistan.

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What does Sania signify for India…

   I was wondering this while watching Sania Mirza play last night .. I was at a friend’s place for a party .. .. While dinner was on, everyone was watching Sania contesting for fourth stage .. I was impressed as I saw most of the ladies were watching her play .. They knew nothing about tennis but they wanted her to win .. Forgetting their favorite soap shows, they were watching this young girl playing and supporting her .. I could almost hear the unspoken words .. “Dont think we are laid back .. Given the chance, we can excel and make you proud ..”

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How Katrina is creating a hole in your pocket ..

  Well.. I am not talking about Katrina Kaif if you were thinking so .. I am talking about Katrina the Hurricane .. So if you are Salman Khan thinking about calling me and bashing me, you should get a life …

  The vital stats of this Katrina are 145 Km / Hr wind speed and dunno-how-much-destruction … So much pain it has caused to oil producing areas that 10 percent of US’ refining capacity has been shut down .. and another 10 percent affected ..

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India stronger than China in long-term ..?

There was a recent article in news which stated some magazines saying India’s long term potential maybe greater than China’s .. I somewhy disagree .. Here’s why ..
Most of the observations in the report are based on the governing structure of China .. Whereas India is a democratic country, China has communism .. I believe that democracy is one of hindrance in development (Btw .. I am not a communist) .. Why ..? For the simplest of reason.. Consensus is not always right .. Its not always true that what majority of people believe must also be correct .. Another reason is that as a democratic state, India has to plan its economic policies on a so called “human face” .. The governments cant enforce strict economic policies all because they fear losing their electorate … So they have to deviate between people’s “welfare” and economic reforms .. Mind you its not always that both are mutually exclusive but most of the time they are ..

Now coming to second point .. The report states that China is facing a shrinking workforce due to one child policy .. And by mid century, India will have around 200 Million more workers than China .. Oh yeah .. Considering the rate of unemployment in India and low rate of literacy, this huge population will become a burden .. Having more population does not mean that you have more workers .. It mean you have to support more people … So if not the government gets serious about unemployment and illiteracy, we on the roads of doom … And btw .. I believe that making people self employed is much easier than creating jobs .. Although, they have taken some measures in this regard but they arent enough ..

The report further states that “China’s lack of innovation and its tendency to be wasteful” can be a major drawback in next couple of decades .. Did I hear “lack of innovation” ..? I remember reading about China having world’s biggest ethanol plant and is building another equally big .. China like most developing countries import oil for its consumption .. With the soaring prices and increasing dependibility, most countries are looking at alternate sources of energy .. Bio diesel is one of them .. While China is doing well in this regard, India (which has a strong potential with Jatropha) is on backfoot with it .. This lack of foresight isnt good for India …

Another thing is that while most of the people depending on agriculture for their living, but the contribution to GDP by agriculture is very low .. A reason for this India’s agriculture being dependent on monsoon .. So if monsoon fails, agriculture fails … So creating infrastructures so that farmers become less dependent on rains will be an optimum decision …

Anyways .. I dont disagree with everything in the report …. There are many things which are really a must read .. You can read it here

I conclude this with the last words of the article .. : What holds India back are red tape, rigid labor laws, and its inability to build infrastructure fast enough. With Beijing now pushing software and pledging intellectual property rights protection, some Indians fret design work will shift to China to be closer to factories.
Food for thought …?

Images of London Bombers

The Britain Police have release a CCTV images of London suicide bombers ..
London Suicide bombers. Click to enlarge
The images are of Hasib Hussain, Germaine Lindsay (dark cap), Mohammad Sidique Khan (light cap) and Shehzad Tanweer. This picture was taken on Luton on Thursday … It is thought Hussain was responsible for the bus bombing, in which 13 people died, Khan the Edgware Road blast that killed six people; Tanweer for the Aldgate blast, which killed six, and Lindsay for the Russell Square explosion where 26 people were killed. …
      Well … Looking at them, nobody can guess what explosive thoughts were in their mind .. They just look like normal people who we are used to see around us .. And yet what hell was burning in their hearts no one could’ve guessed .. The food for thought is how did they radically changed to such fanatics ..?…
      I wish they never had done this .. I wish they’d given second thoughts .. After all the Merciful Almighty too wont forgive them for killing innocent people .. I don’t see them in heaven .. if they did it for heaven ..

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