Miss India needs your help .. !

Sindhura Gadde

With this year’s Miss World contest just 4 days ahead, Miss India World Sindhura Gadde seeks people’s support and wishes for her .. The organizers of Miss World Pageant have introduced a voting system for the people to vote two contestants from their continent via SMS or Voting hotline ..

“My appeal to my compatriots is to support me by voting for me through the Internet and SMS as viewers will play an important role in choosing the regional winners, who then have a chance to reach the finals,” she said.

“Please remember my Voting Number: MW105,” Sindhura said as the organisers say the spectacular live show would be watched by over two billion people worldwide.

The pageant organisers said that under an “innovative” new voting system this year, each contestant will be allocated a number for worldwide short messaging service (SMS) voting or via the Voting Hotline in their particular country.

These numbers will be prominently displayed on television graphics and in the media. Viewers may vote for two contestants from their continent to reach the Miss World Final, although there is no limit on the number of votes they may cast.

At the close of voting, points will be awarded according to a voting-points structure. An effective formula will ensure that votes from all countries equate, regardless of the size of population, voting medium or overall number of votes, the organisers claimed.

So people, Go vote and support her here .. I wish she follows the path of Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra …

17 Replies to “Miss India needs your help .. !”

  1. Lol .. But still she’s and Indian .. 😛 .. And it wont cost you anything .. Apart from a chunk of your bandwidth .. 😀

  2. yeah well, I’m not bothered about bandwidth, but my time is precious to me!! 😉 I’d rather spend that reading a joke or looking at a cartoon than voting for her!! 😛

  3. It’s not about loosing BW or the “pains” to go through a badly designed Web page…
    I don’t like the way she looks and I am not gonna vote for her. Simple.

  4. Hmmm…. So Miss Iceland Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir (how the hell she pronounce her name 😕 ) was crowned Miss World ..

    Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir - Miss World 2005

    She’s a law student and part time policewoman .. Even her mother was Miss Iceland in her days .. Hmmm .. Like mom like daughter ..

    Err .. What on earth is a “part time policewoman” ..?

  5. how the hell she pronounce her name

    well, the names of the scandinavians are a bit hard to pronounce for those who are not from that region. 😉

    Err .. What on earth is a “part time policewoman” ..?

    well, like in US there are life guards on beaches & pools, where 1 is the regular employee & he/she can have apprentices in form of high-school kids or college guys etc. who do it on a part time basis, I think that in Iceland you serve part-time in police, maybe as a paid job or community service!!

  6. Hmm… So one thing is fixed .. I aint gonna marry a scandavian or I’d die figuring out her name …

    Anyways .. By the look of her I am sure she must make many peeps drop dead .. 😛

  7. Hahaha .. I was checking Ajax commening with that .. 😛 .. But you are right .. So .. I’ll soon post a new article .. 😛

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