But it Rained

It was giving signs all day long .. and by the time I reached office, it started pouring .. No matter.. I said to myself . .. it will be over soon .. I didnt know.

Time to get back to home .. My boss has already left and people who came late brought equipments to deal with the rains .. I didnt have rain coat . .. nor umbrella .. Umbrella is pointless though as you cant use it while you drive .. At around nine in the night, the rain’s intensity looks diminishing … it will be over soon .. I said to myself yet again … I didnt know ..

At around ten in the night, I decide to take the plunge .. Those are little droplets, I’ll reach home in no time .. So I try my luck at praying .. “Oh God .. Please stop the rain for just five minutes ..” and starts from my office.. No luck .. it kept raining .. and after only a minute of drive, I stop at a chai dhaba .. I’ll wait here and soon it will be over .. So drinking hot chai and watching water leaking from all corners of the dhaba shade .. and listening to Lata Mangeshkar “Chalte chalte yunhi koi mil gaya tha” on the radio .. Welcome change from Atif Aslam whom I am listening to very much these days .. All this environment makes me nostalgic .. So I brace myself again and start again towards my home …

At first I close my eyes when the rain drops hits my face .. then I began to enjoy the feeling .. I’ve always loved rains but after I spending my last year in Mumbai’s rain, all the romance was lost .. Anyway .. earlier I was driving fast .. then I started driving slow .. there is nothing that can match driving in rains .. Raindrops entering your eyes ..dodging the splash of water / mud from the car you are trying to over take .. hitting brakes too hard .. singing (yelling) on the top of your voice .. How come rains make people crazy …?

I am shivering when I reach the building .. Smiled when I see neighbor girl giggling at me .. Warm my frozen hands on the gas burner for at least five minutes (or was it ten ) .. Check my phone line .. whoa its not dead .. check the internet connection .. whoa .. its up too .. Great …!! Listen to November Rain for some five times .. writing this post and watching rain drops from the window .. ..

Its official raining in Bombay …

5 Replies to “But it Rained”

  1. Nice post. I remember when we used to live in Mumbai and it used to rain we used to have pakodas. I always liked having pakodas or something to eat in the rain. We would sit outside in the window and watch the rain fall. I like getting wet in the rain. The reason people like playing in the rain and also the reason why most of our best thoughts come while taking showers is because water has this thing it in which makes us happy.

  2. Here is an sms I just got :

    Its monsoon and I am sure you must be very happy … You must feel like going out, drench yourself, sing songs ..Splash water and find someone special …

    Right …?

    Every frog feels the same .. 😀

    When I was reading the sms I thought maybe the sender read my post … 😛

  3. 😀 .. My phone is dead for two days now .. 😐 … The cache of Last.fm has crossed 100 now . .. I dont think it will post at Last.fm now ..

    So I wrote three dvds and started transferring my music collection from home to office pc .. 😀

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