Yahoo Messenger 7 Final Reviewed

After more than two months of beta testing, Yahoo! has finally released the version 7 of their popular instant messenger client Yahoo Messenger. .As I had already previewed the beta, I was eagerly waiting for the final release .. And I must say, I am not disappointed .. Most of the bugs are eliminated, and a lot of features are added .. So here it goes .. :

New features :

  • As Voice messaging heats up the IM battles, Yahoo has added the killer feature in YIM too … You can notice the change in the main window as its named as “Yahoo Messenger with Voice” .. A new button for Pc to Pc calling is added in the main window itself ..
    Making Pc to Pc Calls

  • PC to Pc calling is enabled for US version users and not in Indian version of YIM…
    Making Pc to Pc Calls
    The feature is very nicely integrated, You can make calls from your pc to your friends pc and talk over the net..
    Incoming Calls
    If the user isn’t able to return the call, you can leave a voice message which he can later receive and listen to …
    Missed Call
    Sending the voice message is as easy as pie …
    Sending Voice Message
    There is a new Voice Mail pop up too ..
    New Voice Mail
    The Archive now also support Voice Messages history too …
    Voice History
  • The next major feature is addition of Search in messenger windows .. There is a new feature called LiveWord which will highlight search words in conversation, and the user can perform the search on a click of a button .. Its more like Smart Tag feature in Microsoft Office .. Very cool addition … :
    LiveWord in Action
    Another search enhancement is S: keyword shortcut .. If you put s: yahoo messenger in the conversation window, the first result of the search will be automatically inserted in the conversation .. See the screenshot ..:
    Search Shortcut
  • And the third major feature is Photo Sharing, The users can now share images just by dragging them to the IM window .. Great feature this one too … !
    Photo Sharing
    The shared photos can be saved easily …
    Saving Photos
  • And now you can request and share contact info very easily from your friends ….
    Contact Details
    These details can be imported easily .. And the person who don’t use YIM, you can send them invite to use YIM …

Apart from these new features, many existing ones have been modified too ..

  • File Transfer has been now directly integrated in the IM window .. The interface is made much like MSN Messenger ..
    Waiting to accept file
    Sending File
    File Sent
    File transfer also support drag and drop …
  • You will also notice some new emoticons .. Existing emoticons have been given a new look …
    New Emoticons
  • Whenever an unknown user PMs you, you will be given chance to add him as a friend or Report as Spam .. These shortcuts will come very handy …
    User not in contacts
  • The Profile Popup is also made fine .. Earlier it wasn’t finding my Yahoo 360 page, but now it finds it alright ..
    Profile Popup
  • And with a new option to show tips in Messenger windows, YIM will show tips and tricks in conversations ..
    Show Tips option   
    Yahoo Messenger Tips

Apart from these, the features like Contacts Nicknames appearing in Conference and IM windows, Direct integration with Yahoo 360 are also present as they were in YIM 7 Beta version ….

Now I did found some bugs in this version too …
 When you click on Help in Preferences page, the link shown is outdated … Many features aren’t present at all in the help page ..
  The emoticons keep losing their animation at random times .. That is after some time the emoticons stop animating .. I didn’t found any specific reason for it ..
  The Idle time shown in the Conf list is buggy too .. I found that every user had the same idle time and it didn’t corresponded with the user’s activity ..
  The Invite To Conference dialog box is still the same .. It shows *all* the contacts in your list whether they are online or not .. They could’ve made some groups like “Online” and “Offline contacts” to differentiate between them …
  One of my fav program Hidden Emoticons for YIM doesn’t work anymore with this version 🙁 .. I hope the author will soon release a compatible version …
······And then there is no backward compatibility .. 🙁 .. You cant share files with users having older version of YIM .. The new emoticons aren’t visible to them ..

······Well .. Even with these “bugs” I am pretty satisfied with this version of YIM .. It eats lotsa resources when you record voice clips or play them .. But still its better than version 6 … And btw .. I found this new skins page wondering on Yahoo’s site .. So .. go to the download page and get yourself newest version of the best instant messenger around ..

You can download Yahoo Messenger from : (Direct Links)
US Version (International version, has PC to PC calling)
Indian Version (No PC to PC calling, has lots of Indian audibles though)

PS: I will update with more screenshots so better keep watching …

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  1. Wow man ! Cool Review ! Yahoo must b paying u to do so 😉
    Anyways., cool blog on the whole., u’ve been blogrolled on my blog., see ya !

  2. I m now using the Messanger 7 indian version, & everything is preety good, except for one thing, maybe bug,

    start IM windows, then click on audible when u have selected to show your avtar, the whole writting windows extands to the max

  3. Hmmm.. I posted the link above too .. See the main post … Btw the Indian version is useless .. All the “Indian audibles” or Desi audibles as we say are present in Yahoo Messenger 7 International version too .. See the screenshot :

    Indian audibles in Yahoo Messenger

  4. Hmm.. And there are more bugs found ..

    • The UP key doesnt work anymore for accessing last message .. 🙁 It was nice shortcut to repeat what you said earlier ..
    • When you are in Conference, the contact nicks are visible .. When you click on them to PM your contact, the message is not delivered .. cauz YIM tries to PM the Nick of the contact .. which may or maynot be his Yahoo Id .. (Thanx Nemi for this one) …

    And this version is eating a lot of resources these days .. And it remains in memory even after being exited .. Hmmm … Seems there are more to come ..

  5. one fine review shahab !

    ya the saddest bug is that one can’t get the old messages back by pressing the “up” arrow key.

  6. the last message typed requires “alt key + up arrow” but it has to be activated in preferences->archive->”yes, save all my messages but clear them each time i sign out” or the option above it “yes, save all my messages”

  7. Great blog! Add another to the bug list:
    have someone try to send you a file from YIM 6, get an error message saying something like this:
    The version of Yahoo! Messenger you’re using cannot send files to the one I’m using. You can get the latest version here:

    I will not install bloatware and bundleware.
    When I wanted to go to YIM 6 final release, they would not let me install without installing the toolbar and something else unlike YIM 6 beta, so I thought “Why not?” and installed it anyways. I almost immediately started getting all sorts of spyware on my pc after that. I uninstalled and still had to remove it from the registry manually and got everything back up and running; it also got rid of the pop up terror I was going through. I will not do anything like that again. YIM 7 does look nice and with a lot of new features, but what else does it install?

  8. Yeah … Yahoo 7 doesnt seem to have compatibility with earlier versions and thats why File sending and Voice chatting is disabled when you communicate with people using older version of YIM ..
    Anyways .. Just download the version that I have pointed in the post above you and run the installer .. Dont install Yahoo Toolbar if you dont use it and it will proceed to install only Yahoo Messenger happily …
    Best of luck .. 🙂

  9. shit man! thrs whole lota bugs in YIM 7.It frequently crashes in private conference which is very annoying.Secondly voice automatically start while entering a public room.Not expected from this version.

  10. Hi all, do’nt provide you direct download link. It installs online it on your PC and you have to click several times. This is very frustating specially for dialup users like me. Because if I ever have to reintsall it I would have to download it every time. Also the web installer is slow.

    After a lot of Google searching I managed to get the direct download link.

    Get it here:-

    Enjoy!! 🙂

  11. Hi shahad:), very good work and very nice analysis man. One more bug i observed is that sometimes when sending files the other person even dont get the message.

  12. Is there any limit or the max number of people to be invited for a Yahoo Messenger conference (with voice chats)?

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