The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Spoiler : Well .. The title has got nothing much to do with the content of this post. Its just the song that I was listening to while writing this post and wondering if it did have something to do with the post .. Another spoiler: Most people wont know what I am talking about 😛  .. Whatever ..

So I am remembering the unusually rainy day when I arrived this place dreamy eyed two years ago. As I’ve already blogged about my adventures in the year to follow, I’ve decided to recall and post some incidents that happened this year ..

So here are some notable incidents that happened this year :

  • Being scolded for coming late : Hahhaaa .. Man .. I tried defending my case by saying I stay late at office but my DGM says “Officers are on 24 hour on duty ” .. Someone tell him insomniacs cant reach office at seven .. They SLEEP at seven .. 😐
  • SBI winning over TCS : So this was the first year that SBI turned the table and won more matches in this season. We in fact won a tourament too this time ( I wasnt playing though and it was NOT the cause we won 😀 ) .. My performance was just so so this season .. But I’m playing well in our local matches ..
  • I cleared JAAIB : Hahaahaha .. Thats not the news .. News is while I was taking this CAIIB exam, I was warned by the invigilator not to create a ruckus in classroom. He took my admit card and ID card away and I’ve no idea if he had reported me to IIBF .. If he’s done that my chances of being a CAIIB this year are gone .. I hope IIBF dont ban me or something … :((
  • The adventures of visiting card : Well .. If you carry your visiting cards in your wallet, check them daily .. If you dont distribute them too often, they’ll stick to each other .. And you’ll be embarrased when you’ll give one to someone .. So once in a blue moon I am talking to this hot girl (married already … and I didnt know that 😛 ) .. And I decided to show off and give her my visiting card .. Man .. Those cards were stuck to each other and one of them was stuck to my driving license .. It was a funny situation ..
  • [Identity Protected] posted a transaction in Live environment : Hahaa .. So it goes like this .. We were assigned to train our newly joined officers .. One of my -close- friend wanted to test whatever he was gonna teach these guys .. So he posted a demand draft transaction .. Catch ? It was in the Live environment instead of test environment he was using earlier .. And funnier was what followed .. We were experimenting with menu options on how to reverse that transaction on Live again .. 😀
  • Where are the holidays ..??: Man .. If anything suck about working in Foreign Offices department is that on any given day or time at least one of our offices will be functioning .. So you wont get a lot of holidays to enjoy .. In fact last time I wanted to take leave for going home, my administrator wasnt very keen of giving me a week’s off .. Fortunately my DGM took my side and granted me with this comment to my Admin :  “Dekhiye _______ ji .. Hum log to ho gaye hain buddhe .. Humain office ke alaawa kuch dikhayi nahi deta hai .. But these young people still have something else in their lives .. Let them enjoy it .. ” 
  • I got a passport : Boy .. That was one tough task .. After applying online, you have to goto passport office for submitting and verifying your documents .. That guy wasted my two days ( during MY office hours ) .. Then came the police verification stage .. So I have to visit this police station where our “enlightened” policewalla will ultimately sign the documents .. So for waiting for what seemed like an eternity, ( I remember there was a power cut in police station and it was freaking hot that day ) we were herded to inspector’s room. He checks everyone’s face and sign the document asking him some regular questions .. When my number comes he asks me “Tumcha gaanv kuthe aahe ?” Though flustered on this sudden marathi outcome, I answer him .. He checks my papers and say “Abhi ek saal bhi nahi hua idher rehte aur passport banane aa gaye ..” And tell his assistant to check me again .. Sigh .. The assistant is a nice guy .. He tells me to come next week .. So I come again next week and after another waiting for four five hours, I am again in this Inspector’s room .. He’s doing the same procedure .. My turn comes and he asks me “Tumcha gaanv kuthe aahe ? ” I wonder wtf .. He didnt ask this question to anyone .. and he didnt speak to anyone in Marathi .. why me …?? And he asks me the same questions he asked last time .. And then he remembers me and ask me “Aap pehle bhi aaye they kya ? ” I tell him yes I came earlier too .. Here the assistant comes to my rescue saying sir we have checked everything about him .. The inspector isnt gonna sign this time too .. But our assistant is adamant .. He shows the file again and uttered the magical words :  “Sir yeh SBI main kaam karte hain !!” .. And I get a new passport .. I didnt know working in SBI was a character certificate .. 😀 .. And yeah I am waiting for getting some new stamps on my passport .. 😀
  • Lying over the phone : So one of my colleagues in Singapore calls and ask for me .. And I am the one who picked up the phone .. 😛 .. I was sooo busy with some other stuff that I forgot his work .. So I tell him ” Shahab didnt come today .. He’s sick ” .. 😛 .. Man .. He believed me and then I recieve an sms on my phone for get well soon .. 😀
  • Some misadventures of locked up key : This happened twice (or thrice ) this time .. One of the time, I come out of my room with my bike keys and forgets my wallet ( I keep my key in my wallet … Silly me ) .. So bhai goes for shopping and then when its time to pay the shopkeeper, I find out that I have no money .. Well thats the least of my worries .. I have got NO KEY to enter my room .. So I call up Thaslim (my colleague .. stays near my building .. My room’s spare key is with him ) and ask him where he is .. He says .. Just near DY Patil .. So I drive to DY Patil and finds Thaslim walking near the bus stand .. He says “Bahut lucky hai tu .. Main Pune se aa raha hoon .. Kal aane wala tha lekin plan change ho gaya ” .. 😀
  • Being stranded on a train : Yeah .. It could happen to you .. I am coming back from my home and expected to join the office on Saturday morning .. And some goods train gets derailed .. So our train driver decides to take a Bharat Darshan tour .. Out train is now going to Nagpur instead of Bombay .. And finally when I reach Bombay, Its Saturdy midnight and I’ve endured a LONG hot day in the train .. Eating junk food and drinking cold drinks worth around hundred rupeee ..
  • The Urgent Memo : While I was on train during the above misadventure, I recieve an email .. The subject says “Urgent Memo” and is sent by my Admin officer.. So I download it and when I read it, the content was “Kindly do not sit on the tables.. Sufficient chairs have been provied” .. It turns out there was a “discussion” while I was not in office about people sitting on tables .. 😀
  • Getting chased by Pandu the Hawaldar : Ah .. Riding a bike with a different state’s number plate ? This was bound to happen .. First lemme recall another incident : There I was .. Going to office and standing at the traffice light minding my own business and this Traffice constable comes attracted by my bike’s number plate. (This guy thought it was a Mumbai number while it was an MP number .. 😛 .. Bombay = MH04 , Bpl = MP04 ).. So he comes and asks me for documents .. I show him driving license, vehicle registration (which he didnt see anyway) .. Then he asks where’s PUC .. (PUC is actually some certificate for pollution generated by your vehicle) I tell him this is a new bike so no PUC is required .. He says no no .. “Yeh Mumbai ki gaari hai .. Idher chalane ke liye PUC lena parega” .. Guess he meant NOC .. I was wondering htf he thought it was “Mumbai ki gaari” .. Anyways I tell him its not with me, I left it at my home .. “Challaan lagega phir to .. ” .. So I try to negotiate and tell him (showing my ID card ) I work for SBI and I am in real hurry to reach my office and he says no no .. “Challan to bharna parega ” and all .. So after more negotiations I ask him he’ll reconsider and take out my wallet . He says .. “Paisa waisa mat dikhaao humain .. ” (I had a lot of money in that wallet.. fortunately he didnt see .. 😀 ) And after some sweet talk, he let me go after taking 50 Rs .. After taking the money he says “Student hona tum ..? Isliye chhor raha hoon … ” I said yes yes .. I am student … 😀 College ja raha hoon .. And on another day, I am in real hurry to reach office, I jump the traffice light .. Only to find out three constables standing on the turn .. Crap .. One of them saw my jumping the light so he tries to block the road with his stick .. I aint getting stopped .. So I keep speeding and this guy is running after me .. Hahahhaha .. Man what a scene that was .. So after running for some time, he let go and yelled some “Hut saala .. ” at me .. I too yelled at him “Bhag saale .. ” I was wondering if he noted my bike’s number .. 😛 … Anyway .. So for the next week I took a different route for office .. Now I am back on the highway and extra cautious .. 😀

Well .. Those were *some* of the incidents that happened .. In fact a lot of things happend this year which I didnt write in my diary .. But all in all .. Another year has passed .. And it will never come back again .. I wonder what I’ll feel after some years reading these posts .. Maybe I’ll be happier then ..

So long .. ..

17 Replies to “The Happiest Days of Our Lives”

  1. Shahab is back! That is a lot of stuff you have posted here dude. Will have to take it in a couple of sittings. I hope you will write more frequently now…

  2. lol…pretty funny moments
    .visiting cards
    .train urgent memo
    .lie over phone

    made my night…err day

  3. Heh… You didn’t add “I miss still WOPANG!!! a lot”

    The Pandu let you go after thinking you were a student? Hahahahaa… Grow up bat. Grow some beard. Don’t be the proverbial chikna. And you don’t wanna be something like pesk.jpg for your life.

    And why is it that all the hot chicks that come across you are married (like WOPANG!!!)?

  4. That Pandu was easily one of the dumbest guy I’ve met .. He had earlier seen my office ID card … And he mistook a Bhopal number for a Mumbai one .. And he was calling No Object Certificate a PUC .. 😀

  5. @Pallab, yup. 😀 You’re l-e-g-e-n-d-a-r-y man. And you should thank me for that. Now wipe off that frown.

    Yeah bat, most of them Pandus have IQ’s less than 90. I was once caught along with some pals. The three of us were going on a scooter, we were underage then, had no license, were going in the wrong way on a one way road, and there were two Pandus at the end of the road. I was taking out a 50 and they panicked. “Paishe kadu naka! Saaheb aahe gaadi madhe!”. We went to the “saheb” and he let us go free. Poor Pandus, couldn’t make a collection. Hahahaha

  6. Battry! Nice post. And that 50 rupees thing is so true. It happened with my papa once.. He gave 50 bucks to the constable, only for the constable to return 30 bucks!

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