Battybhai JAIIB

Circuit: Bhai, apnay ko chaar mahinay mein Tamil sikhna padega… Kuch upaay batao ..?
Bhai : Tamil kyun, aur yeh chaar mahinay ka kya chakkar hai ?
Circuit: Meinay ek Tamil baccha adopt kiya hai, aur woh chaar mahinay mein bolne lagega.

­čśŤ .. Something similar was my case when I joined this bank some time back .. As a techie who knew nothing about banking and accounts .. And to be posted in the elite department of foreign offices necessited I learn all the banking related stuff .. So I started .. And now I can say I know atleast something about banking and operations ..

Anyway … This entry was about JAIIB .. Though it was a tough challenge to test my new acquired skills but with some not so great preperations and some great help from my friends ( Andy , Thaslim ) , I was able to clear the examination with respectable marks…

While I was preparing for the exam, I found that there werent any study material to be found on the net on JAIIB , so I’ve decided I’ll put some material collected by me on this site .. So if you are preparing for the JAIIB, then watch this space .. I’ll upload the material soon ..

Till then .. I am gonna enjoy an extra increment .. ­čśŤ .. And prepare for CAIIB .. And search for my Chinki .. ­čśÇ

Spiderman is black .. !

Nice title eh ..?

Soooo… Have I┬ástarted writing movie reviews too ..?? Naah … Just wanted to write this one .. (am in some mood today .. ) ..

I’ve never been a big fan of Spiderman .. But this movie interested me because of its tagline “The greatest battle lies … within”┬á ..┬á The plot┬áseemed so┬áSpiderman will battle with his alter ego this time .. And then there was Venom .. I am sure people read / watch superheroes because of their villains .. Venom is the best (or worst) villain that Spiderman has got .. so all this made Spiderman 3 a must watch for me and I decided to inaugrate the new Adlabs opened in Palm Beach Galleria here ..

Now to the movie .. The movie opens nicely and has some very good special effects .. The story starts swiftly but starts to drag when our Peter Parker does a la Anakin Skywalker and turns to the dark side.. Some forty five minutes of the movie are very boring and pointless but there are some funny moments too .. I loved the scene where J J Jameson is reminded about his blood pressure .. ­čśÇ .. And then there is this french restaurant scene .. that was great .. Actions scenes are the strongest point of this movie ..┬áSo you should watch this movie for some great action scenes and some funny moments …

Umm.. rating ..? Around 3 out of 5 ..