What life is …

This is our life ..
Click on the image for bigger size

The strip says it all .. Persistence is the most important thing in life no matter how many things you juggle at once ..

I posted this just to ping everyone that I still exist and hopefully will be back in action very soon …

Till then .. Keep juggling .. 🙂 

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  1. Thanks yaar ..! MTNL people are delaying my return .. as soon as they install bb connection at my place, I’ll be on .. 🙂

    @Sourabh .. Your comment isnt there in moderation queue or whatever ..

  2. Hmm..

    Persistence.. So true 😀

    Good to see you back. BTW how did you host that picture?

    Host where ?
    He just uploaded it via WP and posted it using lightbox.

    Didn’t you mate 🙂

  3. Hehehe .. Lightbox is based on Prototype JS and Slightbox is based on Mootools .. 😀 ..

    Chalo leave this silly argument now .. 😀 .. Latest news is MTNL have installed phone line at my flat but it hasnt activated as yet ..
    So maybe 2 or three weeks more to get Triband connection ..

  4. LOL.. ok !

    Congratz btw, what did you have before getting a connection ?

    And Triband is good if you don’t have airtel around..

    All the best



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    What ?? Ab hum log pe yehi ilzaam thokega ?


    Hope it submits this time…

  5. Wooho … Phone activated today .. Now tommorow I am gonna apply for Broadband .. No Airtel broadband connection in my area .. 🙁 ..

    Your comment was marked as spam by Akismet .. I just rescued it from moderation queue .. 😀

  6. Me in Nerul .. The Triband guy says the connection will be available within 2 weeks .. weeeeheeee ! 2 week mean I hope by the end of this month I’ll be online again ..

    Phew .. ..

  7. Lightbox causing some problems with K2 .. So I removed it and now using vanila Lightbox ..

    Yeah .. 2 weeks over but these **** havent done anything as yet .. Im gonna use RTI if they dont act soon ..

  8. Wah atlast something new on your blog. That too my fav. cartoon character. I love calvin and his attitude to life.
    I hope MTNL kabhi tere yaahan BB install na kare. SBI is good enuf 4 u. :p

  9. SBI has blocked most of the websites they think can be injurious to professional health. I cant access sites like TechSpot and any cricket site .. Cant chat .. Life is so boring without Yim … 🙁 ..

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