Tulsi dies in a car crash ..!!

Do not get all worked up .. Smriti Irani isnt dead .. nor is Kekta Kapoor .. So all saas bahu haters still have a bone of contention .. 😛 .. The news here is Tulsi ( Kyunki Saas bhi 40 years tak bahu thi fame ) is gonna die in a car crash .. And yes .. no points for guessing that she’s gonna come back again .. 😛 .. Here is the official word from horse ( mane’s ) mouth .. :

After some time, a new character will enter the show as Tulsi. Disbelief and confusion will reign, later everyone will know that Tulsi had undergone a plastic surgery after the accident. Supposedly Gautami Kapoor has been finalized as the new Tulsi.

Star Plus have also organized an opinion poll on who is gonna replace Smriti Irani in KSBKT .. The choices are Padmini Kolhapuri (porn star of yesteryears .. then featured in some great movies like “Woh Saat Din” ) .. or someone called Gautami Kapoor ( duh .. I dont watch much TV so I dunno if she’s a tv actress or something ..) .. Whack …

Yesterday I got a nightmare that Smriti Irani after leaving Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi is gonna make a show called “Kyunki bahu bhi kabhi saas hogi” and will air it on Sony clashing the time with KSBKBT … Man what this information and broadcast ministry people are doing ..? Banning FTV and AXN which are nice eye candy channels but not banning this BS programs which are mental torture ..

Yaawn .. Why did I even write this post ..? I hate soap operas .. :-w