New Delhi to Host Formula One Race in 2009

This just in  .. !

India will host its first Formula One race, in 2009, the Indian Olympic Association said Thursday. A deal has been signed with the sport’s commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone to hold the race in the capital New Delhi, IOA president Suresh Kalmadi said.

“We have received a letter in this regard from Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One,” Kalmadi told reporters. “The IOA will be the promoter, the first event of which will be held in 2009.”

Ecclestone has said in the past year that India was one of the future markets for motor sport after India’s Narain Karthikeyan drove for Jordan in the 2005 season. “India is a country that is probably going to grow quicker than China,” Ecclestone said in London in November.

The IOA will build a F1 track and a brand new stadium in New Delhi in time to hold the race, Kalmadi said. New Delhi is also due to host the Commonwealth Games in 2010.


Great news ..!! I hope they build a track like Monaco .. Street racing will be sooo cool.. And I hope we have a good driver to represent India in the race by then .. There arent many promising candidates though ..

… .. I am so excited .. 😀

And so it begins ..

         If you hate working late on weekends as I do, and you love speed as I do then we might share the passion for F1 too.. And with the Australian Grand Prix on sunday, the F1 2007 season kicked off and I am watching too much tv and sleeping very less (damn the world cup).

          There are quite a few things that make this season interesting. The most prominent being absence of Michael Schumacher who announced his retirement last season. While Schumacher fans will say this the thing that will make F1 uninteresting, I’ll say it will bring some competition to the game ( it was sooo dominated by Schumacher earlier 😛 ). So who’s gonna take Schumacher’s crown now ..?

        The other thing the commentators were jabbering about all the time was that this will be the final season with the existing Concorde Agreement. The GPMA may consider to opt out of F1 and start a rival series or something if differences between them and Bernie are not sorted out.  

       Fernando Alonso left Renault to join McLaren and Kimi Raikkonen switched to Ferrari from McLaren. And one of the most hyped persons (seems rightly so ) , Lewis Hamilton joined McLaren and by his performance in Australian Grand Prix it looks like he’s got some very good prospects. One Heikki Kovalain replaced Fernando Alonso in Renault.

      So equations have changed and we’ll see if Ferrari can regain their space again this time with a new car F2007 and Kimi Raikkonen on the helm. Another car I’ll like to quote is Honda’s RA107  aka Earth Car which will run without any advertisements on it ( people say thats because they didnt get any advertisors 😀 ). You can have your name printed on it if you donate some money ( 1 UK Pound or more ) to myearth dream trust.

     So… Lets see how F1 comes up without Schumacher and switched drivers. See you in Malasian Grand Prix .. Look out for Hamilton and Sato .. !