About Me

Hmmm.. Writing about yourself is a tough thing .. I think its because you oscillate between what you think you are and what other thinks you are, which may not be always the same.. Another perspective adds what you think you ought to be . .. So .. lemme try to describe myself in as few points as possible and try to honour all the three opinions …

I am Syed Shahab Jafri (also known as Batty or it_waaznt_me … ), quarter of a century old guy living in this mesmerising place called Mumbai.

I am an engineer turned banker ( == bhayankar ) working in the country’s largest bank…

I am a certified insomniac ..

I love music ..

I love reading .. In fact I read Harry Potter because I had nothing better to read that time ..

I hate driving ..

I am a Scorpion ..

I am certified lazy ..

My friends think I am a geek .. I pretend to be one ….


I dont feel like writing more now .. For some unintelligible reason, I’ve now made my old (extended ) About me page private now (that was close to all my life history btw )  .. I’ll keep it this way until I feel otherwise ..