2012 : The Review

Roland Emmerich has tried everything to get this world rid of humans. Earlier he unleashed aliens who were using Alien edition of Windows on their mother ship which could’ve been infected by a Mac. Then he came up with Godzilla which created great havoc and leaving an egg in the end which is yet to be hatched. Then came the global warming in The Day After Tomorrow which ‘iced’ most of the American continent. Now he’s back with another attempt at destroying the world (pun intended) with 2012.

After reading shitty reviews about it, we went to the hall having very little expectations from the movie. In fact we only went to watch the world getting destroyed on big screen. The movie started briskly with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Afreen Afreen being played in background and some supposedly Indian scientist trying their best at Hindi. Slowly the movie created its plot on how we are going to die and then it all started.

I wont talk about the story (everyone knows it anyway) (or the lack of it) but if you are a fan of CG, this movie is for you. There are some great scenes in the movie which kept us occupied throughout. There was a couple sitting in corner seat and even they were watching the movie (lets not get into this talk now 😀 ). I never felt bored and enjoyed the movie except for the scene where they abandon a princely Bentley (how could they do this) and continue their journey on foot. It was fun to see the director trying to use  ‘Made in China’ Noah’s ships to save the humankind. We all know about chinese product being cheaply available but not having any warranty .. 😀 .

So all in all, don’t go by others perception of this movie. If you liked previous movies of this director, you’ll really enjoy it. I loved it.

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