Beware of your subconscious mind

Lets assume this happened in a fictious office .. There was this guy whose boss asked him to prepare a report on various Unix variants and Oracle support for them .. So this guy goes online and collects data from there .. Meanwhile he surfs some uh oh sites too .. Finally he submits his report to the boss .. Somewhere in the article, he meant to write “Apple has limited support for .. ” … and he wrote “Nipples have limited support for .. ” ..

Too bad he found this when he’d already submitted the report to the boss …

Here is one more …

There was this guy on Orkut who wanted to look cool .. So he creates his profile copying stuff from here and there .. In About me he writes :

About Me : What can I say about myself .. You can have a look at my testicles.

I am not sure if he really meant his nuts or the testimonials people wrote for him …

Whatever …

8 Replies to “Beware of your subconscious mind”

  1. oops i meant you batty
    but somehow wrote other thing just be because of my subconscious mind,
    see i said it happens with every body, i just read kalpik’s blog before yours so my mind was stuck there

  2. @gaurish – Tharki means nymphomaniac (right out of Bheja Bry =)) )

    Nymphomaniac – a woman with abnormal sexual desires.

    In this case it is not a woman but our own Shahab Jafri, or a colleague of his?

  3. Hmmm.. Reinstalled WordPress .. Three comments from this post are lost .. Lemme try restoring from the database backup I already have ..

  4. @Chinmay & Shahab
    i have watched Bheja fry and but relate that tharki with this tharki

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