Yahoo Emoticons for MSN Messenger..

This is a long overdue post πŸ˜› .. I was busy with CCNA and some other things so I could post it earlier.. Anyways, Here it is.

Being a Yahoo Messenger user for years, I am used to Yahoo Messenger emoticons. And after some of my friends decided to shift to MSN messenger, I had to become a regular on MSN Messenger too .. But I missed Yahoo’s emoticons. And add to it that MSN Messenger’s emoticon looks ugly to me. So I decided to utilize MSN Messenger’s Custom Emoticon feature to add Yahoo emoticons to MSN Messenger.
I have released it as a custom emoticon pack, and if you want to import Yahoo emoticons to MSN Messenger, you have two choices. The first is to manually copy and paste custom emoticons to your messenger folder OR Use MSN BackitUp. I’ll explain both methods one by one:

  • Method 1: Manual Copy Paste:
    1. Download and extract the archive. You will get a folder called CustomEmoticons with around 80 .dat files. Right Click on the folder and select Copy.
    2. Now in your Windows drive ( C: on most systems), navigate to Application Data folder. For ex: C:\Document & Settings \ YourUsernameOnTheComputer \Application Data\ Microsoft\ MSN Messenger\ ARandomNumberString\.
    3. There may be more than one folders in your MSN Messenger directory if you have multiple MSN IDs on the same computer. You have to open the folder which corresponds to the ID that you wanna have Yahoo Emoticons.
    4. Paste the CustomEmoticons folder here that you downloaded.
    5. Run MSN Messenger .. πŸ˜› .. You have YMSN Emoticons as your custom emoticons.
  • Do NOT use this method if you already have many custom emoticons as this may overwrite your existing Custom emoticons.

  • Method 2: Use MSN BackUp:
    1. Download and extract the archive. Note that this one is different from the archive above.
    2. Download and install MSN Backup. Its a great program to backup your MSN Messenger settings. We’ll use it to import custom emoticons.
    3. Run the program and enter your MSN Id in the textbox given. You will need to be running MSN Messenger too.
    4. In the right hand pane, navigate to the folder where you extracted the downloaded archive.
    5. It will take a while to load all the custom emoticons. After they have loaded, Enable the checkbox next to Emoticons in the right side pane.
    6. Click on the Install Objects button. The custom emoticons will be imported within in a minute.
    7. You may get one or two errors and two or three emoticons out of total 82 wont be imported. (I have no idea why some of them does not get imported..)
  • Most emoticans use the same format as Yahoo Messenger but for some emoticons you will need to put an extra : to make them work. For example use ::| for 😐 .

    I’ve tested it with Windows Live Messenger and I hope they work with previous version of MSN Messenger too. I hope you will like it. πŸ™‚ …

    And yeah .. These emoticons are copyrighted by Yahoo. So you should agree to their terms of use if you wanna use these emoticans. ….

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  1. hey batty, upload them on some other filesharing services, MU limits for many users unless u have the toolbar or premium package.

    as for emoticons i manually created custome emoticons for a few smileys i like from yahell

  2. Okay. I wanted to upload at eSnips but they havent still sent me the activation email.
    I’ll upload it to some other service and then change the links ..

  3. Batty, now hat i tried downloading it, i am having problems. The MIME settings are probably messed up in that site. So opera tries to open the file ( as if it is a txt file ) instead of downloading. Adding it to quick download or flashget also didnt work.

  4. Thats so damn true. Even i customised a few emoticons that I regularly use on to msn. They just have a different feel to it. Msn emoticons simply suck !!

  5. Some one pls help me…
    im using msn 7.5 and im trying to move my emoticons to my new acount. but i cant copy them:( i tryed to use msn back up 1.1.7 but i makes back up of every thing exept my emoticons. any one have any ides how i can do this?

  6. Hi Shahab, I’ve tried downloading the pack, and copy over the 87 files into CustomEmoticons folder, it doesn’t work. At least I don’t see the new YM emoticons in my list. I’m using Windows Live Messenger, does it matter? U mentioned that it works in Live right?

  7. i downloaded the emotions but when i tried to move them…only 2 or 3 were imported!!! so i removed them & tried again but this time NONE of them were moved!!!
    m using windows live messenger…any1 wth similar problem?!

  8. Layal which pack did you download ..? The MSN BackItUP one or the CustomEmoticon folder zip ..?
    I just downloaded the CustomEmoticon folder zip and copied it to my Identities folder and it is working all right here. (I am on a cafe’s pc)

  9. i downloaded both..& i tried both ways…actually i got to this page while looking for a program to backup my custom emotions…i have at least 130 emotions…& i need to move them to another account…so i really need this one..i found other programs but they just backup the emotions as .png files in a folder & that’s it….the backup process is perfect..but when i try to restore them back…nothing works…or to be more specific only few work…& sometimes they don’t!!!!i don’t know what’s wrong!!

    god i talk too much:S!!!
    anyway thanks again!!!

  10. Lol .. Pops ..If its taking too long for you “too” read, then skip it .. Nobody’s putting a gun on your head to browse it .. …

  11. I got

    “Runtime Error

    Automation Error”

    which then closed itself and the backup program…

  12. Hey Shalab,

    I downloaded the MSN BackUp 1.1.7.

    Install it.


    I start the Windows Live Messenger (works in this version?) and start the MSN BackUp.

    1 – I filled the “MSN e-mail address” with my personal address.

    2 – I filled the “Backup Folder” which contains my personal emotions with C:\Documents and Settings\pcosta\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger\3212608422\CustomEmoticons

    3 – Select both sides option with “EMOTICONS”

    4 – Click in INSTALL OBJECTS.

    Why doesn’t work? Returns the message “ATTENTION – There’s no element selected.”

    What I’m doing wrong?

    Any helps would be appreciated.

    – paulo

  13. Thanks Natalie .. I am also not too sure about why those error comes sometime .. Anyway .. They work finally .. .

    @ Paula:
    Did you try the latest version of MSN Backup ..? Maybe some components are missing ..

  14. hey hi sahab i cannot find any website of emorticans this web site i saw but when i open the emorticans i cant find any one plz help me out with this problem

  15. I installed the emoticons successfully using method two. But the problem is that they don’t remained ‘pinned’ in the MSN emoticons list.

    I pin them and log off my PC…log in and they are gone again. Does anyone know how to solve this?!

  16. hey i was wondering if you could make me an LOL emotion! And if you know how to make them, please tell me how!

  17. This method does not seem to work as of ver 8.1. the stored files are of the idt2 extension, whereas the files in this distribution are .dat. Any ideas?

  18. hey i got many folders in msn messenger folder kindly help i would like to share a screenshot to make sure that it looks like this but how???

  19. for exporting MSN emoticons and stuff, your method won’t work on MSN 8..
    i use a program called icon backup. its at

    icon backup allows you to browse, save, and backup your msn messenger emoticons, avatars, and backgrounds.. works great for me

  20. yeah ummm….. Hi πŸ˜€ …. ok well im not really micky mouse but you know it aint half bad i mean NVM… to the piont…… what I was really looking for is the pinned emotions… like if you type it then the face shows up or like a pic somin like that…. like if you say hamster there would be a hamster turning around on the convo.So if you could please please help me that would be great.

    Yours truely Micky Mouse (aka Help Me)

  21. ok what i really ment was i know how to get there i just wanna download more so please help me find a site taht lets me do taht

    Thank You (L) πŸ™‚

  22. I try to do this both ways, but damn vista! I can’t find the backup folders for MSN/ Live Messenger! Also, I can’t find my passport ID… Any help??? thanks!!

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