How Katrina is creating a hole in your pocket ..

  Well.. I am not talking about Katrina Kaif if you were thinking so .. I am talking about Katrina the Hurricane .. So if you are Salman Khan thinking about calling me and bashing me, you should get a life …

  The vital stats of this Katrina are 145 Km / Hr wind speed and dunno-how-much-destruction … So much pain it has caused to oil producing areas that 10 percent of US’ refining capacity has been shut down .. and another 10 percent affected ..

Katrina Hurricane

  The price of oil barrel has rose sharply from $67 to $70 in just two days .. And even the Bush administration is considering opening up their Strategic Petroleum Reserve to contain the impact .. They last opened up SPR when another hurricane Ivan landed there ..

  And here, oil marketing companies are already crying bankruptcy because of the oil price hasnt been revised …. I read that Manishankar Aiyer is soon going to announce Rs. 2 hike in Petrol and diesel .. 🙁 .. With Petrol price already at 46 Rs, even my 70 Kmpl mileage bike is gonna hurt me .. So I am praying that this Katrina will soon leave the oil refinaries for good .. I am so selfish …

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  1. Hahha .. Yaar .. Nothing about double meaning .. 😀 .. I am really fed up of soaring oil prices 🙁 .. Thinking about getting a cycle for me ..

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