The F16 Saga ..

I knew this was bound to happen .. This has been an old strategy of the US first to create a problem and then pose a solution to it .. From the start when US spoke of giving F16s to Pakistan, there was a talk about giving the anti missile defence system to India .. (I mean selling) but New Delhi brushed it aside .. Now has come their new offer, the Lockheed Martin has offered India to purchase the Licence to build F16s in India .. And our Defence Ministry is considering this offer favourably ..
      So .. First create a disease and then sell its cure … and profit from both sides .. When will our politicians start thinking like this ..?

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  1. I agree with what you said. Our politicians are either too busy in filling their own coffers or they are too idealistic. They completely lack shrewd political thinking wherein interest of the nation is prime. Every now and then someone offers some contracts and they are too willing to accept everything. They don’t realise the motive of the other person behind the offer.

  2. I don’t think that the Indian government has too many options here.Everyone knows that this was done purposely by the US just to save Lockheed comp so that 5k people dont loose their jobs.

    But,if the Indian’s dont buy more weapons then it would benifit Pakistan as the difference in strength between the two armies would be reduced.

  3. [@ Pallab]
    If you read this week’s India Today, you will find out that India is actually spending a close to Rs. 65000 Cr. on defence deals.. India is the second largest arms purchaser after China .. While some of the defence deal’s parts is for replacing ageing military weapons and planes still its a huge amount .. India’s this year’s defence deals = $ 3 b .. compare this with Pakistan’s which is less then half at $ 1.2 b .. And yeah .. Pakistan’s military capacities are nowhere near to India’s .. Say India have 760 combat aircrafts while Pakistan has 430 .. most of which are outdated …
    Only sense it make to me is that India want to have an upperhand in the defence capabilities which will pressure Pakistan to have a friendly relationship .. .. Now think about US’s arms market .. India is a major buyer of arms and if India stops buying these military wares, it will be a setback for US’s arms market .. I again state my point that US never wants India and Pakistan to have friendly relations .. cauz India is already an emerging power and with allies like China and Pakistan, it can shift the balance of power to its side … You could’ve seen the anxiety of Condeleeza Rice over India and Iran’s growing relationship …

    [@ Ashish Bhai]
    Righty said ..Our politicians are too busy filling their own pockets .. As “every now and then someone offers contracts” they find out the possibilities of their earnings .. Boforse and the recent Coffin scandals are some examples to quote …
    Btw . .. Please tell me more about you …

  4. i dont think india is going to belive america.cause politi dont make desitions them self theye get destions from buerocrats . at least theye could think what is going on.indias grouth in arms would not be any cure to pak problems we must beat them in economics . no matter how many wepons u buy u still need mony to maintain.without money no arms could help a countrys fall.exam soviot union

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