Some good news !!

Ah .. At last my hard work seems to be paying off now.. All of that day long studying and practising has started giving results.. Hmm.. No more prefaces .. The news is I cleared SBI’s written examination ..And now I’lll be attending the Phase II of their selection ie GD and PI which they are conducting at IIM L …

The news brought both joy and panic for me .. As the paper went well I was assured of my success but there was a rumor that they have decreased the number of posts but still I had faith in my labor .. Panic came because I have now so less time to prepare for the GD and PI where I am sure I will face a stiff competition .. But still I am preparing for it as this has been my dream job and I will work hard to get it ..

That reminds me that the written exam was the toughest paper that I have given in my short career .. None of my batchmates or my Instructors (Yeah ..They too compete ) cleared it so there was nobody with whom I could celebrate but still .. Here I am .. And now I am preparing to face the ultimate challenge .. I have come this far .. I wont let my effort show any scarcity and I really mean it ..

So now .. I have to postpone my ongoing project at STDC (which is already running behind the schedule ) for the preparations .. I hope Majid Bhai will understand ..
Hmmm.. So .. I should get to the job as soon as I can ..

(This was written on 18th of March)

[Edit] As I type the above things, I come to know about two more people who have been selected. . There is one Pankaj Mishra who got his PI on 6th and the other one is his friend who got his date on the 5th of April.. Pankaj is already working in IOB so he’s not going for any preparations as he get no time apart from his job .. But still .. I do hope they will too excel in the exam .. Lets cee ..

Edited on 20th of March