Battybhai JAIIB

Circuit: Bhai, apnay ko chaar mahinay mein Tamil sikhna padega… Kuch upaay batao ..? Bhai :┬áTamil kyun, aur yeh chaar mahinay ka kya chakkar hai ? Circuit: Meinay ek Tamil baccha adopt kiya hai, aur woh chaar mahinay mein bolne lagega. ­čśŤ .. Something similar was my case when I joined this bank some time […]

Spiderman is black .. !

Nice title eh ..? Soooo… Have I┬ástarted writing movie reviews too ..?? Naah … Just wanted to write this one .. (am in some mood today .. ) .. I’ve never been a big fan of Spiderman .. But this movie interested me because of its tagline “The greatest battle lies … within”┬á ..┬á The […]