Changes in ethical values … Or is it ..?

Hmmm .. In accordance with my preparations for the SBI, I have decided to take a topic everyday to discuss and to think about .. So this is the first in the series .. I’ll keep posting my less intellectual posts too along with this btw .. 😛

Popular TV serial Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin can be regarded as a metaphor to the current society. The story of a Plain Jane becoming a successful entrepreneur has lots of twists and intrigues…

Anyone who had followed Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin will be having some food for thought now. As the story unfolds, Jassi is now reconsidering her ethical and moral values. Following the betrayals and setbacks, she has come to the conclusion that world regards honesty and truthfulness as a weakness in one’s personality. So now, She has decided that she wont let any weakness stay in her.. So what does it mean ..? Is she going to take the path taken by those who lack conscience ..? Is she going to answer in the same language that everyone was talking to her ..? ..

So what went wrong ..? Is Jassi right now or was she right earlier ..? If she is right now, then are we living in a world which is so called practical in sense but lacking moral values ..? If she is wrong, then what should be done..? Lets try to find out the reasons with my limited knowledge..

I recall a quote here :
Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions..

According to my observations, we like the people who are well mannered, honest and truthfull. We want to become like them .. But if someone having those qualities reaches any distinction, we tend to have suspicions over him. We think somewhere beneath his apparant honesty is deceit… The path to the top needs many sins to be done .. .. We cant generally accept that anyone who reaches top has a clean record..We start getting jealous of him .. And add to this if the person has risen from a lower (be it economic or social) class and is not having a good looking face, our jealousy multiplies… If someone becomes practically what we wanted to become theoretically, we started getting jealous of him…this is what Jassi faced … But what’s Jassi’s mistake in it ..? Who needs to change ..? Jassi or the people around her …?

I feel that a person like Jassi if turned evil will do a good harm to the society, and the people around her cannot and will not change ..So shall we keep living with questions like these unanswered ..? In my opinion, if change is needed anywhere, its in the system ..If the system is changed, then the people will change automatically.. But this cant be done overnight .. So much labour required .. attitudes need to change .. definitions of ethics needs change … definition of success needs change …Can such vast changes be brought ..? I am tempted to say Yes ..!! All we need is a initiative .. if I could shed my reservations and If I could overcome my covetousness, I can think about changing others around me .. One should start with himself .. So here I am starting to do actually what I believe and give everyone the credit he deserves ..

The ethics will not change .. the attitude needs a change ..

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